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Zion Narrows
A famous attraction world-wide
and rated one of the top 10 hikes in the world, the Zion Narrows is easily Zion National Park’s most incredible attraction.  The area know as the Zion Narrows is a section of Zion National Park where there is a narrow river bed that is surrounded by high and steep canyon walls. These walls range vertically many hundreds of feet above the river.  The Virgin River and many tributaries have carved this landscape for thousands of years, and this erosion continues daily in the soft sandstone of the Zion Narrows area. Click here to view more photos.

The Zion Narrows network of canyons stretches from one entry point in Zion Canyon on the south, to another entry point on the north end at Chamberlains Ranch. This Zion Narrows trek covers a distance of 16 river miles, and is quite grueling since hikers must navigate their feet on river bed rocks that are uneven and slippery with algae. With such conditions, hikers need sturdy shoes in the Zion Narrows, that can manage slick surfaces and stay wet for hours. Most hikers also take along hiking sticks to help provide additional stability. Since water is typically between knee and waist deep in the Zion Narrows, warm clothing and wetsuits are absolutely necessary from November to April, when the water is cold enough to cause hypothermia. Water shoes and walking sticks are just some of the types of gear that are easily rented in Springdale at Zion Rock and Mountain Guides. Click on the link to view a map.

Getting to The Zion Narrows is easy accomplished via the trail headsat in the main part of Zion Canyon and at Chamberlains Ranch. The ideal season to hike the Zion Narrows is during the summer months when the national park offers shuttle service stops at the Zion Canyon trail head.. All visitors can drive to the main trail headin private cars during winter months when there are less visitors in Zion National Park. We offer shuttle service to the Chamberlains Ranch trail head. Click on the link to view Zion Narrows Photos.

Visit our Zion Rock and Mountain Guides homepage to learn more about hiking The Zion Narrows and the tours, shuttles and equipment we offer. We also host guided tours in many places throughout the Zion National Park region with other activities like jeep tours, mountain biking, canyoneering and climbing.